S12 Computer for Milk Collection

S12 Computer for Milk Collection and registration.

  • The S12 Computer is a mobile data collecting computer for delivering and collecting of liquids.
  • The S12 Computer has built-in GPS-system for tracking, identification and registration of the supplier and destination.
  • The S12 Computer has a 112 mm receipt printer and a 55 mm label printer for bar code labels, which are placed in the lid.
  • Functions: Registration of amount, temperature, pressure and controlling of the pump,test sampler and flowmeter.
  • Wireless data communication with GPRS 2,5G//3G/HSDPA between the milk tanker and dairy.
  • The S12 Computer can control up to 4 test samplers at a time during each collection.
  • Bubble detector which detects the air bubbles during the pumping process to ensure a correct pump speed.
  • Vacum detector to detect too high vacuum level which can cause cavitation.
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