TOC III Cabin Computer

The TOC III cabin computer handles the mobile data communication between the vehicle and the GTC TARP Office system.

Routes, orders, registrations and mail/messages are automatically communicated between the vehicle and the TARP Office system using the mobile data network.

When you log-on to the system date, time and GPS position is registrered. All routes and orders will automatically be up-dated. The office is on-line with the TOC III cabin computer and is able to send messages regarding extra collections etc. All registrations are transferred automatically to the TARP Office system at the office.

The TOC III cabin computer is especially designed and developed for use in trucks.

The TOC III Cabin Computer is on-line with the TARP Office system and will show all relevant route and registration information such as:
• RFID Tag registrations
• Scanned info from App
• Orders
• Driver ID
• Route selections
• System data
• Registration of time km and GPS
• Addresses
• End order
• End route
• Navigation
• Weighing results
• CAN bus data
• Route list

The TOC III cabin computer is capable of communicating with external equipment.
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