RFID Tag Reader and Tags

The RFID Tag Reader and Tags for automatic registration for waste collection of bins, skips, containers etc.

The RFID tags are delivered according to DIN 30745 and EN 14803 which are the current European standards within waste collection.

The standards define the data format of the tag which is according to ISO 11784 and ISO 11785. The standard describes a Read Only tag with a frequency of 134,2 kHz.

The standards mean the tag is mounted in the so called "chipnest" in the comb of the bin. However it is possible to mount a tag on the side of the bin if the bin does not have a "chipnest".

Except from the standardized RFID tags wealso deliver tags in other frequences f.ex. 125 kHz, UHF tags with a reading distance up to app. 5 m and other types of RFID tags.

The tag reader antenna is developed specially for the use on a waste truck lift and it is very robust. The tag reader electronics are mounted in a water tight box with thermostat controlled heating elements.

The tag reader antennas can be delivered in different designs depending on the situation.


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