Identification with GPS or RFID

We offer 2 methods for identification of customers in relation to waste collection:

1. GPS identification: When the waste truck starts on a route for the first time the computer stores the GPS position of each bin / skip / emptying site. The next time the truck drives the route the GPS system will automatically find the right customer or skip in the route. The driver only needs to empty the skip and finalize the weighing. If there are more than one skip at the same place, the driver must approve each skip before emptying it. This can be done on the outside of the truck. This method is very suitable and well proven for collection of industrial waste.

2. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) identification: Every bin or skip is equippped with a so called RFID tag. An RFID antenna mounted on the lift of the waste truck will automatically register the emptying. This method is mostly used for household waste collection but can also be a relevant method for collection of industrial waste. It is a possible to read a RFID tag with a handheld reader.

An unique feature by using the RFID system from Poul Tarp A/S, is that the RFID system also controls the lift on the truck. It makes sure that the system knows when there is a bin on the lift og the lift stops if the RFID tag is not written. The system also registers that the bin is actually empty og not only has been on the lift. It makes the Poul Tarp A/S RFID system a very safe registration system.


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