GTC recycling site module

The system will allow the workers at the Recycling site to handle the individual order flow for each container without having to walk to and  from the office and manually fill out formulars every time it is neccesary to empty a container. At the same time all drivers, logged-in to the system, will have all information available on their TOC-Fleet cabin computer screen regarding “Pick-up orders in waiting position“ and which “Recycling site has created the order “. Such information does not only improve the work flow at the Recycling site but it will help increase efficiency at the trucking company.
Using the GTC administration program you can print various reports to be used for work and driving documentations.

Typical way of working:

1. When using the hand held GPRS / GSM terminal you are able to
create and send a container pick-up order. In other words you will be able to handle everything right on site.
To identify the container you can either scan an RfiD-Tag / Bar code label or you can enter the container number manually.
If a specific type of truck is needed you can add a comment to the order like“wire only”. This will prevent the trucking company from sending a wrong type of truck.

2. The pick-up order is send by GPRS from the hand held
terminal to the GTC program. The GTC program recognizes
container No. 37 as an “iron” container and the GTC program automatically forwards the pick-up order to those trucks that are logged-on to the system.

3. The Pick-up order will appear on the screen in the TOC-Fleet cabin computer and the driver accepts the order.
The pick-up address as well as the unload address will be shown together with the pick-up order on the TOC-Fleet cabin
computer in the truck. If none of the addresses are known to
the driver you just press”navigate to” and the TOC-Fleet will
automatically navigate you to the site.

4. The container is picked-up at the listed address ( the truck
driver makes a visuel identification of the container No. ) If the un-loading address is unknown to the driver just press”navigate to” and the TOC-Fleet will automatically navigate to the un-loading site. Using the TOC-Fleet touch screen you can enter various information such as weight, Type of waste, etc under each order.

5. The truck returns to the recycling site with an empty container. The driver enters “order complete” on the TOC-Fleet cabin computer and the next assignment will be shown on the screen.


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