Portable RFID Tag-reading has never been easier!

The new RFID-Logger is used to register TAG No. from RFID Tag´s mounted in bins, containers, etc.

The RFID-Logger is placed on your wrist and by pressing the registration button you activate the TAG-reader. Place your wrist with the RFID-Logger next to the RFID Tag and the TAG No. is automatic registered. Correct reading is indicated by light and sound.

The TAG No. is stored in the RFID-Logger memory which can hold up to 26.000 registrations. The RFID-Logger is delivered with a wireless charger and can make 800 registrations per charging.

The RFID-Logger uses Bluetooth to send all registrations to the GTC smart phone App or to the TOC cabin computer.

1. Communication with Smart phone GTC App:Every time a registration has been made the Tag No. is automatically sent to the GTC App. (The GTC App must be activated)

2. Communication with TOC cabin computer:Each TAG No. registration is stored in the memory of the RFID-Band.

When the RFID-Logger Bluetooth is activated all registrations are automatically transferred to the TOC cabin computer. In case of lost communication an alert is given.

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