MWI II Weighing instrument

The MWI II is an easy to use weighing instrument for both inside and outside mounting. Its large graphic display makes it easy to receive and communicate various service- and status messages between vehicle and administration.
The MWI II has several settings and possibilities for communicating with different vehicle equipment.
This data communication can be done through analog and digital I/O, serial ports and CAN interface.

Together with the other equipment on the vehicle such as RFID Readers, weighing systems, cabin computers etc. the MWI II will provide a complete and helpful solution for the driver. The MWI II will show the status on the individually connected hardware such as weighing systems and RFID readers and makes it easy for the driver to report missing registrations etc.

The MWI II communicates with external IT-systems such as office and administration systems through the build-in communication ports which can be either serial communication, ether-net or 3G mobile data communication.

The large graphic display on the MWI II is also used for showing a number of status information such as ”Next pick-up on route”, ”Load status” and many more. Any status information on the screen will up-date automatically.
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