CBizz waste system

CBizz waste system for shopping centers and airports ect.

POUL TARP A/S has designed and developed a new waste logistics system called CBizz.The CBizz system will help you to optimize waste handling in shopping centers, city centers, airports, etc.

The CBizz system will provide useful waste data to all users and will give the administration a unique tool to identify how much waste the different type of shops / branches generates. The system also helps you to adjust and optimize the number of containers/compactors that are needed in order to obtain the best flow in the waste area.

Automatic surveillance of the waste containers and weighing systems combined with SMS and e-mail alarm gives both the users and the administration online information of the status of the waste area (closed for maintenance, container out, fault on weighing system, etc.)

A direct communication from the CBizz system to the transport company shows the actual status and weight of the containers registered to the specific transport company. Level indicators will automatically alert the transport company when a container needs emptying. All transport data are logged for documentation.

As standard, the CBizz system can transfer registered data as a CSV file or as a web service to an external system. The CBizz system is also available with a payment module.

For further information, please contact our sales department: Klaus Engelbreth tel.: +45 2095 9020


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