GPS surveilliance with Sateye

Sateyes fleet management system is a surveilliance system based on the 24 GPS satellites, which circles around the earth.

The GPS satellite system creates new possibilities for online surveilliance of your vehicles. This 2. generation GPS surveillance system enables you to constantly track your vehicles on a detailed map. This can be characterized as a logistical breakthrough, because order receipts can be coordinated after the Just-In-Time principal, since you at any time can guide your nearest free vehicle to the customer.

Meanwhile the system creates new possibilities for positioning of special vehicles (e.g. vehicles with trailer, crane, lift etc.) Sateyes positioning software is build on the Windows based MapInfo, which makes your data compatible on other systems.

The Sateye fleet management system is also a route planning system. Sateyes route planning tool can receive data directly from the economy system, plan routes meanwhile following your vehicles exact location as to costumers, warehouses etc.

The system can besides function as online robbery surveillance, where either you or an emergency operations centre will receive a message if a vehicle will be broken into. Another function could be in regard to cooling vehicles, where you receive an alarm through E-mail/SMS, if temperature fluctuations occur.

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