Platform Scale

Platform Scale from POUL TARP A/S for weighing of compactors.

The platform scale consists of 2 longitudinal frames which are bolted down into the concrete floor. The compactor can be placed onto the weighing frames with a lift wagon. Each frame is made with a burly steel bar to avoid bends. The frames are 7 m. long and 20 cm. high.

The platform scale consists besides of the weighing frames of a connection box and the weighing instrument G’Bizz.

By holding the RFID card in front of a reading plate, the user will be identified and the cover will open at the same time as the weight resets. The waste will be thrown in and the weight, key number, data and time will automatically be registered as soon as the weight is steady.

The weighing instrument is connected to a terminal which automatically and continuously passes registrations through GSM/GRPS to the C’Bizz system and the user.

The weighing system can be verified and is approved for accounting.


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