Weighing System for Tail Lifts

Type approved weighing system is designed for trucks using a tail-lifting system picking-up and delivering all sorts of goods such as electronic waste, chemicals, waste in general etc.

The weighing system can be mounted on a standard as well as a custom designed tail-lift.
Load cells and brackets are integrated in the existing construction or as an alternative in a new lift-plate.

The weighing instrument has an easy and simple menu. The functions are especially designed for weighing of various products on the tail-lift and makes it easy to enter details such as Customer No., Type of Product etc. The Tara function makes it possible to weigh products placed in a container, cage, etc.

  • Weighing capacity: Max. 1.500kg
  • Accuracy: 1kg – each weighing
  • Approval: EN45501
  • Can be used for account settlement!
  • Water resistant (IP65) MWI weighing instrument with easy & simple functions
  • Digital weighing amplifier
  • Stainless steel and fully welded load cells
  • The weighing system can be connected to either a printer and/or a TOC II cabin computer for data collection and data transfer to and from the office

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