High Speed Mink Weight

The mink weight consist of a non-corrosive weighing tube and a rail mounted stainless steel weighing cell. The weighing unit is placed on top of the cage and the weighing tube is hanging inside the cage in two stainless steel wires.

The mink weights are delivered in modules of 8 or 16 units. All the weighing tubes are connected to the weighing indicator. Each weighing indicator can handle up to 16 weighing units.

The weighing indicator will show the weight of each weighing tube. The accuracy of the weight is 5 grams. The weight registers the weight of the mink every second the mink is in the weighing tube. Data are delivered online to the server and available in real time. The weighing indicator transfers the weighing results via Wi-Fi or mobile data to the WEB platform www.minkweight.dk.

On the website it is possible for the mink farmer and the feeding centre to follow the growth of each mink on a daily basis. You also have the possibility of seeing the weight before and after the feeding. If the mink loses weight an alarm will be activated showing the number of the cage/mink in red. This will help the farmer, at an early stage, to identify if the mink has any diseases.
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