Scale for hook lifter

The weighing systems are especially designed for mounting on trucks using wire or hook lifting systems.

At POUL TARP A/S we have two types of weighing systems for hook and wire lifters. 

Type 1:
The weighing system consists of 4 hydraulic weighing units which are mounted on the side of the truck chassis just underneath the lift frame for the container. This makes it an independent unit which is not a part of the normal chassis construction and therefore minimizes the risk of mechanical damage during loading and unloading. The weighing units are placed with 2 in the front and 2 in the back of the truck. Each weighing unit is equipped with a load cell with a hydraulic cylinder. When weighing the container, the hydraulic cylinder, which is placed on the load cell, will lift the container free of the chassis frame.

Type 2:
The weighing system consists of 4, 6 or 8 load cells mounted between the chassis frame and the lift frame. The container can be constantly weighed both during loading and unloading. The weighing unit incl. a stainless steel load cell and bearings will be integrated in the mechanical construction.

  • Weighing capacity: 30.000kg
  • Accuracy: 5kg each weighing
  • Digital amplifier for load cells – easy to operate
  • Approval according to EN45501- can be used for account settlement
  • IP 65 protected MWI weighing instrument - easy to operate
  • Fully welded load cells made of Stainless steel
  • You have the option of connecting either a printer and/or a TOC computer for data collection and data transfer to and from the office
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